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    LA Noire Review


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    LA Noire Review

    Post by Balboa2 on Sat May 28, 2011 8:58 am

    First off, for whomever reads this I'd like to say hi. Been a long time since I made a topic.
    I beat LA Noire last weekend and I have got to say it was amazing. Sure, it was a little linear in ways but it felt so fresh and different from everything else. Th pacing was a little slow but that' what made it such a charm. I put well over 24 hours into the story and about 2 hours of that was gunfights. It's just cool to play a game that I'm not shooting bad guys 90% of the time.
    Another selling point for me was the animation. Now there are a lot of great looking games out there but when it comes to graphics, animation is what make them. Sure textures are important as well but the animation is what makes it. I will go on record and say this is by far the best facial animation I've ever seen. My girlfriend hates video games and usually dreads hearing me play them but she sat down for a couple of cases and just watched me play. She said she actually liked it and the first thing she said about it was how real it looked.
    To sum up the game, it was basically like a television series. Split into 21 episodes spanning over 1947 LA. Some episodes weren't as good as others but the game as a whole was amazing. I got goosebumps during the interviews because I felt like I was there creating my own version of a noir television show, and it was just great.
    The cast in the game was superb too. A lot of faces you may have noticed from a show called Mad Men (best show on tv). They really helped drive the game to greatness.
    If there was one grip I had with the game, and this is only minor. It had to of been the ending. I won't spoil anything but the attention is kind of taken off the main character for a good portion of the last three cases and I didn't like the direction it took. The finale also seemed a little rushed compared to everything else we seen in the game. Still, only a minor grip that definitely didn't take away from the experience as a whole.
    I enjoyed this just as much as Rockstars Red Dead Redemption because it was so different. I look forward to playing the DLC cases when the Playstation Store is back up in the next week.
    If you have the game or I have persuaded you in getting it, I would also recommend the game guide book. The art in it is wonderful and it gives a lot of insight into the cases and hidden items to help you reach 100% completion.
    I give the game a solid 9.5 out of 10

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    Re: LA Noire Review

    Post by DannyTheDog on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:05 pm

    i dunno man i liked that it was so unique, but it missed the mark on a lot of stuff like combat and variation. i'd personally drop it to around 8.5 but its still good. they could make a great sequel.

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